Abstract Quilts by Marcia Eygabroat

My abstract quilts are a step away from reality.  I love using bright colors and often unique materials to portrait something that may be recognizable, but in an abstract way.

Click on any photo to view the gallery magnified.


Azure Melody (for sale)

I was a part of a gallery that had a call for art with a jazz theme. There was to be a party that included a jazz band opening the show.

I wanted to do a simple piece based on this theme. In order to simplify what I usually do, bigger appliqué pieces were used. Since I usually create realistic images this was to be more abstract. Finding an image on the internet, my computer software rendered this image in poster form in unusual colors. You really have to look from a distance to see that this is a be-speckled trombone player. The quilting has some musical notes hidden within.


Michelle’s Tree of Life (commission – sold)

I was at a memorial service when I saw stained glass doors representing the Tree of Life.  I took dozens of photographs with permission from the Temple, going back at different times of day and lighting.  These pictures were filed away for inspiration.

I was requested to do a large quilt based on these windows when the client saw the stunning photographs.


Shades of Green (for sale)

While on a trip to Phoenix, Arizona I took a photograph in a tacky Mexican import store at the side of the road. I loved the shape and texture of this pottery sitting on a rusty plant stand. What I did not love were the colors of the original pottery, so I changed them in my computer photography program.

This quilt is the spectacular result. It is “puzzle piece” appliqué and very heavily quilted with matching threads. Rather than representing the tacky import store, this is now very muted and refined.


Wind Moon Sun (for sale)

A famous regional artist by the name of Ivey Hayes contacted me and requested that I recreate some of his paintings into quilted wall hangings. He had been told that I could recreate “anything”. I was up to a challenge, so I readily agreed to take on this task. He requested that they be at least 3 by 5 feet. Ivey was hoping to have a lot of women “knit” his images into quilts. He realized that not many quilters are capable to recreate paintings into exact likenesses.

The second painting I chose to recreate was Wind Moon Sun. I just loved the vibrant colors Ivey used!

This quilt is completely pieced. The biggest challenge of all was finding every cut of fabric to match the artworks colors. I use purchased quilting cottons exclusively.

I was honored to have the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center , Auburn , N.Y. display this quilt in Quilts=Art=Quilts.


Do I Seem Shy to You??  (sold)

My local quilt guild challenged the members with the theme, Razzle Dazzle Don’t be Shy. Two supplied fabrics had to be included.

I was inspired by this subject matter.  The fabrics reminded me of a clown.  Looking through a circus playbill gave me an idea for the perfect subject!

This quilt is completely pieced and embellished with three-dimensional flowers that protrude from her head. She is created with commercial cottons.  Notice that in the black and white striped background the quilting is the opposite of the direction of the fabric stripe.

I did win this challenge out of the seventeen that were submitted. It was also honored to be accepted into Quilts=Art=Quilts at Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, Auburn, New York.


Nebula (commission – sold)

This commission was based on an original painting.  The daughter of the artist requested I recreate her mother’s stunning work of art.

The original art had interpretive ribbons painted over an abstract background.  After completing the background, I applied netting to give it a more ethereal look.  I then literally took real ribbons and sewed them to the quilt, exactly as the original painting.

The artist was delighted with my quilted recreation!