What Are Commission Art Quilts?

Girasole da Magione by Marcia Eygabroat

Girasole da Magione by Marcia Eygabroat

Commission art quilts are created by collaboration between the client and me, quilt artist Marcia Eygabroat.  I work with the client to arrive at the subject matter, or help the client refine their subject matter into something that will make good subject matter and look beautiful in their space.  The client may already have a photo to use as a starting point, or other photos may be taken to use.  Once the subject matter is decided I work on the design using Photoshop and other techniques to refine the design into something that is pleasing artistically.  The client has input during the process and written approval of the design is required before the actual quilt is started.

After the design and final size of the art quilt has been decided and approved I go to work making a full size design and pattern of the quilt.  The fun really begins when I start selecting the fabrics to represent each color and value in the quilt.  This can be a lengthy process because I want to get it just right.  Each fabric is cut to shape, placed on a background, and fused.  When the entire surface design is complete, I layer with batting and backing and start quilting to add the intricate detail that gives the art quilt definition, detail, and life.  Read more about the design process.

Commission work is by contract with several payments made at various stages of completion.  Delivery is after the final payment.

Contact me for details on designing and creating a commission art quilt for your home, office or business.  585-491-5750     View and print Marcia’s Brochure.


About the Commission Quilt – Girasole da Magione

Steps in creating the commission quilt, Girasole da Magione.

This client wanted a rather large piece to beautify one of the walls in their lake view property.  Selecting the subject matter took months as nothing seemed quite right until the clients took a trip to Italy.  They discovered a beautiful field of sunflowers and took many photos of them.  The sunflowers won out over everything else and became the subject for this 78″ x 51″ art quilt.  Marcia tweaked the sunflower photo using Photoshop.  The client’s final approval of the design gave Marcia the go-ahead to start making this stunning art quilt.  Read more about this quilt.



The gallery below begins with the Photoshop version of the inspiration photo, then the completed quilt.  The other photos show the quilting detail.

What Connie D says about her art quilt made by Marcia Eygabroat.

“The quilt (Girasole da Magione) looks FANTASTIC.  We love it and people compliment it all the time and are AMAZED when they find out it is a quilt.”